WRE Forms & Legal Info


Agent as Principal

Auth to Disclose Financial Info                                                             

Confidentiality Forms and Nominee Agreement
Financing Deadline
Hold Harmless
Inspection Work Completion Addendum (rev.9/2016)
Mutual Acceptance
No Finance Addenda
Prequal/No Financing Contingency
Notice of Appointed SubAgents

Non-Refundable Deposit Clause
Relo Client Registration Form
Referral Form

Sellers Response to Multiple Offers
Sellers Request for Restriction of Marketing
Sewer Capacity Charge Escrow Request
Sewer Scope Addendum
Variable SOC                                                                                                                                 
WRE Form 32 | Co-Brokerage Agreement | Rev. 10/2018                                           
WRE Release of Co-Listing Broker Agreement|Rev. 10/2018                             
WRE Form 35A | Authorization to Hire Vendor(s)/Broker Advance | Rev. 2/2017

WRE Form 41 Buyer Optional Clauses

WRE Form 49 Wire Transfer Addendum